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Employee app and HR portal
Online claim submission
24x7 helpline & support
Digital registration and termination of employees
Voluntary top-ups and premium add-ons are offered anytime



No app nor platform
No digital claim tracking
Not Available
Not Available
Cannot be purchased digitally
Online tool for employees and managers
Online transactions and compensation
24/7 support

Why buy Group Health Insurance?

The trend of Wellness…
42% Workers in Vietnam frequently experience stress
- International Labor Organization (ILO) (2023)

95% Employees are now more concerned about their personal health after Covid-19 pandemic. Companies offering impressive health and wellness benefits are more likely to retain their best talents and attract new employees. 
- Vietcetera (2022)

89% Of Employees reporting higher engagement and job satisfaction thanks to wellness programs
— Gallup (2022)
Free wellness benefit with this plan

One Health Plan

Customized group health insurance plans that cater to every need.

App core offering

We provide extra platform that helps HR/manager to control and manage employee benefits, creating engaging activities for employees such as fitness challenge, reward program etc.
Online tool for employees and managers
Online transactions
and compensation
24/7 support

Who should buy

Group Health Insurance?

Large Organisations
Groups of 5 people +

Club it up with Wellness Benefits

Accurately measures and evaluates health indicators: Heart rate, blood oxygen level, stress level, calorie consumption, sleep patterns. 
Unlock fitness access to help your team stay healthy: 6am to 11pm, including holidays 5-star-rated gym clubs nationwide, offer a variety of enticing services: workout, dance, GroupX
Secure your team satisfaction by help saving time & “worry-less” with online medical care: unlimited online health and nutrition consultations, promptly address inquiries, conduct annual health check-ups, mental health counseling. 

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